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BLUblox Wayfarer Sleep+ 100% Blue/Green Light Blocking Glasses

BLUblox Wayfarer Sleep+ 100% Blue/Green Light Blocking Glasses

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Brand: BLUblox


  • MOST EFFECTIVE - Only Blue Blockers that block 100% of ALL Blue/Green light between 400nm and 550nm
  • THE LOOK – Classic and timeless, Wayfarer oozes cool and style
  • QUALITY - Lightweight handcrafted frames made from custom acetate with premium spring hinges for the ultimate comfort experience
  • FRAME FIT - Medium/Large; MEASUREMENTS - lens – 53mm / bridge – 17mm / arms – 140mm
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Binding: Personal Computers

Details: After seeing countless examples of digital eyestrain, fatigue and poor sleep increasing across the world we embarked on months of research into what was causing these issues in modern society. Everything led back to blue light! We knew we had to filter blue light during the day and block blue and green light after dark to arrive at an optimal solution. We set about revolutionizing blue light lens technology in a mission to help improve the lives of everyone who is exposed to artificial blue light. We knew that office workers who use their computer all day would not want to wear amber lenses. So, we developed our BluLite lenses which filter out specific harmful blue light from computers and digital devices whilst retaining their clear appearance. Unlike other computer glasses available, our BluLite lenses filter out ONLY the harmful blue light and allow 100% of beneficial light through. After more research, it was clear that lack of sunlight and overexposure to artificial blue light during the day was suboptimal. We felt like our own mood was lower in winter months so we set about researching how to combat this. We ultimately concluded we had to block specific frequencies of blue light while also making a radiant view of the world. We worked with doctors and psychologists to develop a yellow lens called SummerGlo. This lens creates the perception of a warm summer’s day. The final piece was to completely overhaul the blueblocker for sleep lens. We delved back into the academic literature and discovered that not only blue light but also green light fell into the sleep disruption zone. We partnered with an Australian optics specialist and developed a red lens tint which blocked 100% of blue and green light from 400-550nm which we named the Sleep+ lens. Sleep+ rendered all other blueblockers inferior. They are so effective the Australian National Soccer Team used our Sleep+ lenses to combat jetlag in the 2018 World Cup!

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.2 x 2.3 inches

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