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Vertixmax - V8 Training Platform EX

Vertixmax - V8 Training Platform EX

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The new VertiMax V8 EX “Extended Range” training system is designed to help athletes maximize speed and sport-specific performance on the field of play. The V8 EX innovation extends off-platform training distances out to 60 feet (which is twice the range offered by the original Vertimax V-series models). The equipment is trusted by top professional, olympic, and youth athletes, coaches and trainers around the world.

The V8 and V8 EX are functionally the same system. The difference is the four V8 EX topside bands that you can train off-platform with are twice as long as the V8 topside bands. This means on a V8 EX an athlete can train 20 yards away from the platform versus 10 yards on a V8 platform. This is a tremendous training advantage and here is why.

The longer training distance our V8 EX offers, allows the athlete to reach much higher resisted training speeds. The ability to train at higher velocities with consistent resistance, will stimulate the athlete’s neurological and muscular systems to work collectively. This will help develop more output power at higher speeds, which is commonly referred to as “Speed Strength”. If you are looking at improving top end speed, the V8 EX provides a significant advantage over the V8 due to higher achievable resisted training velocities.

Sports Performance Equipment for all sports including (but not limited to) basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, track & field, MMA, gymnastics, & wresting.

Accessories included:

  • Waist Harness Belt (Medium)
  • 360 Belt (Medium)
  • Hip Flexor Set (Small)
  • Ankle Strap Set 
  • Palm Strap Set
  • Hand Grip Set

Unit size: 4′ x 6′ perimeter w/ 4’ x 4’ landing mat

Platform color: black

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