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AR500 - Body Armor - Invictus Bundle with Free Glasses

AR500 - Body Armor - Invictus Bundle with Free Glasses

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Proof through the night: America’s toughest battles have demanded all we have and more. Stay undefeated with the Invictus Loadout, featuring the Invictus Carrier, A1 III+ body armor, and impact-mitigating trauma pads. This bundle’s focus is to be rugged and mobile (with the carrier weighing just 1.3 pounds) so you can keep all the gear you’ll need at hand without unnecessary weight or bulk. Everything will stay with you through it all.

Included in Bundle:

  • 1 x AR Invictus Plate Carrier
  • 2 x A1 Plates - 10" x 12" Base Coat w/ Fraglock Coating
  • 2 x Blunt Force Trauma Pads - 10" x 12"
  • 1 x AR500 Shooting Glasses - Red/White/Blue

Can be used for workouts or for survival in an apocalypse scenario! 😃

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