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ION* Intelligence of Nature

ION Intelligence of Nature Gut Support for Pets | Strengthens Digestion, Supports Kidneys, Aids Immune Function, and Defends from Food Toxins | 8oz.

ION Intelligence of Nature Gut Support for Pets | Strengthens Digestion, Supports Kidneys, Aids Immune Function, and Defends from Food Toxins | 8oz.

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Brand: ION* Intelligence of Nature


  • GO BEYOND PROBIOTICS – By fortifying their gut lining, ION* Gut Support For Pets diversifies your pet’s microbiome the natural way. How? It acts as a catalyst for redox signaling which maintains tight junction integrity in their gut lining.
  • AWAKEN VITALITY – Humic extract from ancient soil is at the heart of ION* Gut Support For Pets. By reawakening 60-million-year-old soil carbons frozen in time, we reconnect your pet with their inherent vitality.
  • SUPPORT THEIR DIGESTION – We want them to eat the food they love. But glyphosate (found in most pet food) is a potent trigger for zonulin (a nasty toxin made at the intestinal lining). ION* Gut Support For Pets helps protect their gut from zonulin.
  • FORTIFY THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM – ION* Gut Support For Pets goes beyond the gut, supporting immune health and helping defend them against environmental allergies.
  • SUPPORT KIDNEY FUNCTION – The lining of the kidney can be damaged by food toxins, herbicides, and pesticides (much like the lining of the gut). Strengthen tight junction integrity and support kidney function at the cellular level.

Details: AWAKEN THEIR ANCESTRAL INSTINCTS Not so long ago, the world was rich with microbial life. Plants and animals flourished. The air was clean, water was pure, and life thrived. That’s because our pet’s ancestors were deeply connected with nature. Call it a healthy relationship or a partnership, but it’s something they lost, and ION*Gut Health For Pets is bringing it back. ION*Gut Health For Pets reawakens and re-establishes connections at both microscopic and macro levels. It connects 60-million years ago with today by reawakening soil carbons frozen in time. This fossilized soil from post-dinosaur, pre-human earth is at the center of the compound. ION*Gut Health For Pets is Pre-historic Earth for a better pet today. DETOXIFY YOUR PET’S LIFE Show your pet you love them back! Pet food contains gluten and hordes of nasty man-made toxins. And even if we feed them a gluten-free, organic diet, there’s all the paw-licking and rolling around in public areas to help toxins find their way into their bloodstreams. That’s why ION*Gut Health For Pets exists. It’s protection against a pet’s reality – an all-natural, soil-derived supplement rich in a variety of humate substances, trace minerals, and amino acids, it was developed to strengthen their gut lining and give your pet a natural barrier against everyday exposure to toxins. ION*Gut Health For Pets shields them from the man-made toxins found in their favorite foods. It supports their kidney function and smooths their digestive journey. It promotes healthy skin and makes them look as vital as they will feel. Love and protect your loyal ones, nature’s way. Buy today! ION*Gut Health For Pets is gluten free and comes with both the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Quality Seal as well as The Detox Project Residue Free Seal.

EAN: 0858562007421

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.0 x 3.1 inches

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