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ISOCHAIN (Isometric Training Device)

ISOCHAIN (Isometric Training Device)

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Summary of Your Future Benefits When You Employ the ISOCHAIN with Paul Wade’s Progressive Masterplan for Extreme Strength Development

Super Economical:
One piece of equipment meets most of your physical training needs with nothing extra to purchase.

Super Convenient:
Fixed device requiring no plate changes or additional weights. Minimal storage requirements. Perfect for at-home training.

Saves Your Joints from Wear, Tear and Injury:
Because your limbs stay in a fixed position and don’t move under tension, injured or vulnerable joints can be trained hard with zero grinding, therefore with less or zero pain or damage.

Enhanced Recovery:
Because of the lack of concentric or eccentric motion, high-tension isometrics causes less damage to muscle fibers; it results in less soreness and techniques can be performed with greater frequency than conventional methods.

Now You Can Finally Track Your Progress! Why the ISOCHAIN Represents a Quantum Leap In Isometric Training Efficiency...

With all previous isometric training devices it’s been impossible to track your progress which means:

1. There’s no way to know how much force you are generating. This is a massive stumbling block because Progressive Training is the Holy Grail of all strength methods. And without this data you cannot establish progress. This not only makes programming problematic but it essentially kills training motivation. You are training blind and have literally no idea what you’re doing, or capable of doing, in terms of work load.

2. There’s zero loading reflex. Normally the nervous system puts protective blocks on your force output. It only allows maximum force to be expressed when there is a legitimate load to be dealt with. Example: pushing against a tree versus holding a tree from crushing you as it blows over.

Unfortunately these two issues have previously proven insurmountable – up until now. Because the ISOCHAIN solves them both...

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