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Nose to Tail

Nose to Tail - Droewors - Air Dried Beef Sausage Jerky

Nose to Tail - Droewors - Air Dried Beef Sausage Jerky

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Droewors is a traditional South African air-dried sausage that’s tender and all-natural. It’s unlike any product made in the US (please don’t compare it to a Slim Jim). It is air-dried for 7 days at low temperatures instead of rapidly dehydrated at high temperatures like jerky products.

We also use no sugar, curing agents, nitrates, or any other artificial ingredients. It’s a delicious snack that provides a bunch of nutrients and will keep you full. Eat it on the go or with a meal!

Our traditional flavor pays tribute to the seasonings and methods South Africans have been using for centuries. The simple & distinct taste celebrates the premium grass fed beef and traditional peoperation methods.

Peri peri is a traditional South African spicy flavor that every good chef translates in his or her own way. You’ll love the balance between flavor and heat in our special recipe. 

This limited run of droewors includes liver  for a huge boost in nutrition. One of the best ways to get organ meats in your diet in a tasty and convenient snack!

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