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Pur O3

PurO3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution with Peppermint - Organic, 8 Ounce

PurO3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution with Peppermint - Organic, 8 Ounce

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Brand: Pur O3


  • Made with organic coconut, sesame, sunflower and peppermint oils.
  • Organic coconut oil is infused with ozone for additional antimicrobial properties.
  • Comes in eight ounce jars.
  • Ideal for all oil pulling practices.
  • Helps detoxify the tongue, gums, teeth and upper throat.

Part Number: 850004620014

Details: PurO3 Oil Pulling Solution is for those who want to improve Ayurvedic practices of oil pulling, adding the antimicrobial power of ozone. Oil pulling is often used for pulling unwanted toxins and microorganisms from the mouth to improve oral health. PurO3's solution combined organic ozonated coconut oil with organic sunflower, sesame, and peppermint oils to create a product that tastes better than many other options. It is often used for detoxifying the mouth and teeth. The addition of ozone further enhances the power of the solution. Coconut oil adds lauric acid and medium chain fatty a acids. Sunflower and sesame oils are preferred by practitioner to help prevent bleeding gums, decay, odor, dryness and cracked lips. Peppermint oil is invigorating and improves the taste. Pulling oil to work the mouth, jaw and facial muscles may help reduce face and jaw-related discomfort. What is oil pulling? It's the practice of pulling and pushing oil around the gums, upper throat and teeth for 5-20 minutes. As the oil picks up debris it can get thicker. When done, simply spit it into a trash can and rinse with clean water.

EAN: 0850004620014

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches

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