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The Tib Bar Guy

The Solo Tib Bar

The Solo Tib Bar

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Our new Solo Tib Bar offers a great and fast option for those looking to start using a single-foot Tib Bar and doing Tib Raises or ankle rotations. The Solo Tib Bar will help develop a strong tibialis anterior muscle and increase the strength and range of motion of the ankle. This is the first line of defense against knee injuries.


The Solo Tib Bar is built in the USA and made of steel and comes equipped with a high-quality clamp.


We have designed The Solo Tib Bar to have a strong steel construction that is incredibly durable and ideal for commercial use! It is perfect for ATG workouts, Gyms, Sports teams, Crossfit, group training, athletes, and physical therapists.


The tibialis anterior is the muscle that runs next to the shin bone, down the front of the leg from the knee to the ankle. When the tibialis anterior muscle is weak, the undue force being generated through walking, running, or jumping makes its way to the knee, causing knee pain and shin splints.


Strengthening the tibialis anterior has been linked to a decrease in shin splints and knee pain. Using the Tib Bar also helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankle's range of motion.


Amazing for ATG and their Zero, Dense, and Standards program. Be sure to pick one up for yourself today!


The Tib Bar Pro Highlights

• Durable Steel Construction

• High-Quality Clamp

• 6” Loading Bar for Weights

• Fits 2" Olympic Size Metal Weight Plates & Competition Rubber Bumper Plates)

• Tested up to 100lbs (Typical range is 10 - 30 lbs for most users)

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