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Westside Barbell

Westside Barbell - INVERSE CURL

Westside Barbell - INVERSE CURL

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Legendary strength coach Louie Simmons has called it “the greatest hamstring developer in the world." Now, Westside Barbell's innovative Inverse Curl Machine is available to order from Rogue.

Made in the USA from 3x2” 11-gauge steel, this 341 LB unit is designed to help athletes perform proper glute ham raises (Russian leg curls), with assistance provided in the form of adjustable pad settings and custom weight load options. When used properly, the Inverse Curl works the entire posterior chain, initiating a firing pattern in the lower body muscles that develops greater athletic-oriented strength and explosiveness (be it for throwing, sprinting, jumping, lifting, etc.). It can also help potentially limit the likelihood of common hamstring and ACL injuries, and/or assist those already rehabbing from such injuries.

To use the Inverse Curl, the athlete kneels on the flat pad/bench and places their feet against the steel footplate, under either set of adjustable roller pads. The adjustable chest pad is then held in the arms for stabilization as the athlete lowers and raises their upper body, putting the focus of the movement on the hamstrings.

This product is made to order, please allow up to 30 weeks for delivery. Yes I understand that is ridiculous, but thats the current state of the supply chain.

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